Worldwide Marketing Solutions (UK) Ltd offers tailor made Marketing
campaigns to all of our clients with the main focus on those campaigns
meeting the demands of the client.

Through our campaign Managers we are in constant contact with
our client’s representatives and regularly re-evaluate all marketing
campaigns to ensure that the campaign itself evolves and progresses at
the same pace as the client demands.

With a vast experience in all forms of direct sales and marketing;
including door-to-door, business to business, event based marketing and web based campaigns,
we pride ourselves on always having a solution to the demands of the
client whilst, at the same time, embracing the existing ethos of the client
in question.

From our client’s perspective, we offer a risk-free solution to what
historically has been one of their biggest costs – the acquisition of new
business. Paying only for confirmed results, the cost saving certainty to
the client is almost immeasurable.

Worldwide Marketing Solutions (UK) Ltd

2a Southview Park
Marsack Street
Telephone: 0118 467 1898
Company Reg Number: 6581259